What to do when you are jobless

“Even if jobless we should never be effortless.”

Kenan Crnkic

Many of us have gone through this phase. I am going through this right now when I am typing these words. I resigned my job last November. I was working in a retail brand from Europe as a Sales associate for two years. I have no complaints about the brand or the work I have done there but personally I was done with the job.

I needed a change. So, I resigned.

Today, while I am writing these lines it is 23rd of January 2020, and I am still unemployed. But I am not wasting my time or weeping over my situation. This is just a stage in life, and it is here to pass.

So, I am writing this post to share with the world what I have done, or what I am doing to utilize this time. To be specific, I want to share what is going on in my life right now.

I hope this can help or motivate many of you who are in the same boat, to be optimistic.

And as always,

I am only sharing my personal experience.

 Be Thankful

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie

I am residing in another city for the last 5 years. So, the time I spend with my family through the last 5 years is very less. And I know that it made my bond with my parents a little strange. But they were always there to help and support me.

When I told my mom about my job and my decision to quit, she was startled. But I made her understand. She still calls me every day and give me emotional support. And the same goes with my father and sister. But my connections with my father and sister is through my mother. She is the link between us, and she balances it adeptly.

My girlfriend is the only person who knows what was going through my head during my last days at work. I was frustrated and completely unhappy. I used to go to her place and tell her everything and cry my eyes out. She supported me even when she was going through hard times. She gave me advice. Food. Money. And still doing. She is a wonderful woman and she knows that I can be very self-centered sometimes. But I am striving to change.

I never made many friends in my life. But the existing few were also supportive even though they raised eyebrows first.

So, I am thankful. I am thankful that there are people around me who really cares, who are supporting me during the hard times. I know I will come out of this. I will make them all proud.

Any of you can relate to this?

Or you think that you are hapless and there is not a soul for you to lean on?

Don’t worry, I used to think the same before I realize the worth of the people who are around me. Reach out. And always feel free to contact me here. Happy to help.

Learn New Skills

” He who learns but does not think , is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”


I had a bad experience while attending an interview recently. There was a task assigned to me to create a document using MS Word. I started well but I found myself struggling in between. It was embarrassing because all the others were finishing up the same task in time and I was sitting there like a loser. I was the loser.

After reaching back at my place that evening I started a research and, in the end, I was left dazed to see the opportunities out there and the fact that I never took the advantage of any of those.

Until that day the only reason for me to use internet was to watch random videos on YouTube and scroll down in Instagram. But my bad (which turned out to be good) experience at the interview board changed everything.

Here are some skills I am currently learning online

  1. MS Office (YouTube, Trump Excel)
  2. Language (Duolingo, Hello Talk)
  3. YouTube (From YouTube itself)
  4. Guitar (YouTube tutorials)
  5. Blogging (WordPress)

So, I just want to tell you to use your time wisely. The cellphone on your hands is a gift. There are tremendous opportunities inside it that nobody is going to tell you. Use it. Own it.

Develop Habits

The chains of habits are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken

Samuel Johnson

This is somewhat like learning new skills. But the difference is, habits cannot be learned online.

These are some of the new habits I am working on for 2 months now.

  1. Waking up early
  2. Journaling
  3. Pushups
  4. Meditation
  5. Eye exercises
  6. Reading newspaper
  7. Learning new words

I am not accurate in this. I mean, somedays I won’t do meditation. Somedays I won’t even touch the newspaper. But I am taking the effort.

I just want to make some points certain for your understanding.

See, waking up early doesn’t have to be on 5 am. It is about waking up ‘early’. It depends on where you are at and what you do. In my case I already made it a habit of waking up before 7:30.

In all the habits or routines that you want to build up, find your own ways to make it not easy but possible.

Hope Is Everything

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”

Stephanie Meyer

Your dream job is on the making. This is something I am keep on reminding myself these days. Yes, I am completely aware that the job is not going to come to me, but I must go after and find it. And I am trying. Hopefully everything’s going to be alright.

I have lot of hope in the word hope.

And Of course, Start Searching

It will take time. And it must take time.

But as you develop and polish new skills, it is going to make it very easy for you to crack the interviews and further.

In my case I make sure that I will apply for 3 new jobs every day and I am attending interviews too.

I hope this helped you

Thank you  

Skills You Must Learn Online For Free (Start right away)

“ Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. ”

Abigail Adams

There is a reason why I am writing this. Last week I had an interview for the role of a content writer in a major advertising company in Bangalore. I was full confident and prepared for the role and I was happy too. But my confidence was gone when they gave me a simple task to do on Microsoft word. Yes, the same Microsoft word we are familiar with from high school.

I felt ashamed that I don’t even know the basics of Microsoft word and I was trying for the post of a content writer.

So I decided to learn some basic skills that we must be aware and must have some hands on experience about. But during my search and research I found out that it is not only word and excel that we can learn and own in this world of internet. There are immense opportunities and chances and the people who are taking the advantage of these are few.

So here I like to list 4 skills we all can learn online for free, starting right now.

1. MS Office

Basics! But these basics are going to be the pillars in the future. And the future is now! The embarrassment I faced during my recent interview made me understand the importance of MS Office.

MS Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. We are familiar with this but many of us still struggle with it. I am the best example. So I stated learning one by one.

There are many websites online which teaches these applications. But I am learning from YouTube. There are countless videos in YouTube which you can make use of and improve your skills.

Remember, MS Office knowledge is highly important for most of the job interviews. So please don’t let the lack of understanding of these applications stop you from getting your dream job.

2. Language

“ With languages, you are at home anywhere. ”

Edward De Waal

It was after watching Amores Perros’ I remember I became fascinated with Spanish language. Then I started a taste in Spanish music and culture. I became a dedicated fan of Enrique Iglesias and his music and it opened the door for me to many opportunities.

I feel proud to say that I am at least an intermediate in Spanish language by now. I can understand movies without subtitles even though I am not fluent in communicating in the language.

So that’s my little story of Spanish and the happy news is that there are tremendous opportunities out there to become an expert in any language that you are interested in. Whether it is Spanish, German, Dutch, English, Hindi or Chinese.

In my personal experience of learning a new language through the last 2 years, I would suggest you to use Duolingo. You can go ahead and easily download it in your Android or iOS device. And the lessons will start right away.

All the best!

3. Guitar

“ If we replaced guns with guitars, then the world would be a concert. ”

Thomas Jon Nicholas

It took me an year to learn the basic 3 chords in guitar. But with the help of those 3 chords, I was able to play some of my favourite songs. The reason why I wanted to play guitar was not because of my fascination of the instrument, but it was for me, an escape from the depression I was going through.

And yes, you can learn to play guitar from YouTube like I did. I’m not telling you to aim to become the next David Gilmour, but you can also be a guitar player. It’s a lifetime skill and hobby that you can cherish. Go ahead! All the best.

I would like to give you one tip about guitar learning through YouTube. Always try to follow one instructor. There are a million videos and classes out there. Keep your focus on any one channel.

4. YouTube

Yes! YouTube! If you can learn all the skills from this video sharing platform, why not learning the platform itself.

I’m a newbie in this. But I’m trying. I’m working on a challenge of making 100 videos for 100 days in YouTube. Currently I’m on my 21st video.

Thank you for reading.

Daily Habits For Self Improvement

Hey there! I like to tell you one truth in advance. I don’t go to gym, I don’t read everyday, I’m not a 05:00 am person.

We all know there are thousands of websites motivating us to go to gym, wake up early, read 5 books a week and so on.

But how can I wake up at 5 when I do night shift! So, coming to the reality we all have our own limitations for working on personal development.

Then what is the point of this post ?

It’s simple guys. There are few things we can do in a daily basis within our limitations, considering where ever we are from or what ever we do to make a living. Here I’m listing 4 things I do every single day.

1. Make your bed

“ If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. ”

William H. McRaven

It doesn’t matter what time of the day/night or which part of the blue ball you wake up. If you take a minute or two you can do one of the most wonderful thing to start off an incredible day in your life.

An year before I remember clicking on a random YouTube video which changed my entire mindset.

You can go ahead and search Admiral William H. McRaven’s speech at University of Texas, 2014.

2. Meditation

“ I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. ”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

You don’t have to sit on a beach or mountain top to meditate. Your bedroom can be the best place to practice this life changing habit.

I can tell you my experience.

I started meditating before an year. But it was not easy. Restlessness was the main problem. Within 2 to 3 minutes of breathing in and out I will start feeling restless. And my mind will start wandering around the world. I almost quit meditating after trying it for a month. Then I read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh called ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness.’

The one important lesson about the practice of meditation that I learned from the book is that,

  • It’s completely okay that our minds are wandering and random thoughts are popping up in our heads. Those are our own thoughts. Let it be. But recognise it. Be aware that you are having a particular thought in your head.

This lesson changed my way of meditating. I felt more free there after. I started recognising my thoughts and let it be. And my battle with restlessness also started fading away from then on.

You maybe having your own battles with concentration and focus during meditating. But don’t worry. Just make it a habit and free your mind.

3. Journaling

“ I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Anne Frank

Journaling become a habit for me from the last 6 to 7 months. I started when I was in the last year of University and still it’s going strong.

I started writing down the little things and happenings in my daily life as a way of escape, initially. Because I was always weak in making friends. But soon I started finding out the advantages of this art. Here I like to list some for you,

  • My vocabulary increased because I started applying the new words I get from newspapers into my own journals.
  • It is a big relief for me when I write down the feelings when I’m low. It’s like talking to a person.
  • I like to turn the pages back and read some events from the past which always give me a nostalgic energy.
  • It feel so good to spend some time with pen and paper, instead of the screens.
  • Best possible way to set and write down the goals and reminders.

I hope some of you can connect to at least one of the points above. So journaling is, according to me, a major daily habit to work on for your self improvement.

4. Push-ups

“ I only starts counting when it starts hurting. ”

Muhammad Ali

This is not a complete replacement for gym. But why not start with this beneficial body strengthening exercise. You can mix it with pull-ups, planks and sit-ups gradually.

From my personal experience, pushups are helping me in many ways. I strongly believe that this workout is the reason why my belly is still flat (I do planks and sit-ups as well) and my shoulders are well shaped and strong. I started doing it following a suggestion from my former gym trainer when I told him that I’m quitting gym. He wished me luck and told me to continue doing pushups.

In the beginning my count was 15. I still remember crossing 20 pushups in one round and felt like a kick boxer. Now, after more than a year I can do 40 in a row but still far from 50. But it doesn’t matter at all. Even if you are doing 5 rounds of 10 pushups each, it’s wonderful.

Pushups become a habit for me and i suggest you too to make it a habit for your own physical strength. The best start is to ‘start’. So I hope you will start it today.

By this 4 habits I’m trying to cover 4 major aspects of life in a daily basis. What I’m trying to say is,

1. Make your bed – For Cleanliness

2. Meditation – For Inner peace

3. Journaling – For setting goals

4. Push-ups – For Physical strength

Thank you! I hope this helped you

4 Things I Learned From Solo Road Trip

Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka, India
(National Highway cuts through Arabian sea and Souparnika river)

It was scary in the beginning.

It was fun in the middle.

And it was difficult to stop.

And that is the story of my solo road trip divided into three. It was my first time on a motorcycle, all alone, covering more than 2000 kilometers across Karnataka, a southern Indian state. So here i am listing 4 things i learned from the adventure.

1. The art of responsibility

Throughout the journey I stayed in 4 hostels. All 4 were different from one another in many ways. But when you are in a hostel away from the comforts of your home there are certain things that you must do for yourself.

Hostel life has a lot to teach us.
(Hostelit, Gokarn, India)
  • I started folding the bed sheets right after waking up, for the first time in my life.
  • I started double checking the toilet after every usage to make sure that it is clean for the next person to come.
  • I started using toothpaste a little less and bathing soap a little wise.
  • I said hello to the strangers who walked into the hall right in the middle of the night with their backpacks.
  • Instead of throwing the waste all around I started using the waste bin.

And it’s a wonder that I’m following all of the above in my daily life now a days. It gives me a satisfaction that I can’t write down. I suggest any of you who is reading this to practice some of the above. Because some of these small things can bring in big developments in your life.

2. The taste of freedom

Freedom is ours for the taking
(Bangalore – Mumbai Highway)

One thing I like the most about solo travel is that you don’t have to ask anyone’s suggestion for taking your bike to the side and turn the ignition off.

I remember stopping for more than 7 times in between Gokarn and Udupi to enjoy the majestic view of Arabian Sea. It won’t be possible always when you are travelling with someone else (at least in my case).

You are on your own. You have only you to rely on. And that is one scary beautiful feeling I loved the most.

I didn’t think twice to take the cheapest (but clean & safe) rooms and the longest routes. So that I can save the money from accommodation and use it for the fuel and ride more.

So yes.. I learned that freedom is not something that is bestowed on you. Freedom is something that you go after and take but without hurting others and our sorroundings.

3. The beauty of nature

A majestic beach awaits..
(Gokarn, Karnataka, India)

I will never forget the above picture in my lifetime.

As you can see there is nothing much special in the view. A lonely road with green covering. But as I was sitting on my bike there I knew that after a few meters there is Arabian Sea waiting in the form of Om beach. I never thought I’ll ever climb a hill to reach a beach.

So here is what I’m talking about. The below picture was exactly what was waiting for me below the hill.

Below the hills..
(Om beach)

These moments are Tattooed in me. But my point is, as much as we live every moment by giving it the full value, life become more colourful, just as the nature.

4. The value of life

Every life is valuable
(A doggy taking a nap in front of my hostel in Gokarn)

This one goes for the animals. I somehow developed a new love for these amazing creatures along the trip.

The beach walker
(Om beach, Gokarn, India)
The flock
(Tumkur, Karnataka, India)
Take me along ..?
(Paradise beach, Gokarn, India)

I hope we all, you and me, the nature and the animals, will live in peace and happiness.

Thank you

Books That Changed My Perspective On Life

I still remember reading ‘A Walk to Remember’. It was high school summer time, 2006. It’s incredible how time passes by. Fourteen years.. Just gone with the wind. That is the summer i remember clearly and that is when i found a new passion for reading. ‘A Walk to Remember’ will always be special. But after college, somehow, my interests turned to non-fiction books and authors.

So here i like to list and detail 4 books that changed my perspective on life.

1. The Motorcycle Dairies (Ernesto “Che” Guevara)

The Motorcycle Dairies
(Ernesto “Che” Guevara)

“ I now know by an almost fatalistic conformity with the facts, that my destiny is to travel..

Ernesto “Che” Guevara (The Motorcycle Dairies)

This classic book is a memoir. It traces an epic motorcycle trip by Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado across South America, in 1952 on the back of a 1939 Norton 500 cc. Their journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina, lasted for 9 months across the continent.

Throughout the journey Ernesto and Alberto face a lot of adversities and challenges. Mostly by their bike breakdowns and accidents. They hitchhike, raft, travel in bus and steamship, ride on horse and cover more than 8000 kilometres.

But the main highlight of the odyssey is Guevara’s personal transformation by witnessing the social injustices. And the dairy end with Guevara’s declaration of his willingness to fight for the cause of the poor. And he declare his dream of seeing a united Latin America.

The book depicts the details in-depth and the reader will feel like they are part of the lifetime adventure. And of course, the strength of friendship between the two young men throughout the journey is notable. A must read for adventure enthusiasts as well as anyone.

2. Post Office ( Charles Bukowski)

Post Office
(Charles Bukowski)

“ In the morning it was morning and I was still alive. Maybe I’ll write a novel, I thought. And then I did.

Charles Bukowski (Post Office)

The first novel written by Charles Bukowski. Published in 1971 when he was 50 years old. Yes! Want to read it again ? Here you go ,

Charles Bukowski’s first novel published in 1971 when he was 50 years old!!

Isn’t this one reason more than enough to read this autobiographical account. Age is not even a matter of the matter!!

3. When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi)

When Breath Becomes Air
(Paul Kalanithi)

“Death comes for all of us. For us, for our patients: it is our fate as living breathing metabolizing organisms. Most lives are lived with passivity toward death – it’s something that happens to you and those around you

Paul Kalanithi (When Breath Becomes Air)

A doctor who is dedicated for the well being of his patients day and night suddenly become the patient. When Paul Kalanithi realizes that he is having stage IV metastatic lung cancer, it was too late. Most of the pages in the book are written in a medical context and what i like the most is how Kalanithi share his way of approaching death with grace.

It’s a non fiction autobiographical book written by Paul Kalanithi. He died in March 2015 at the age of 37. And the book was published 10 months later, on January 12, 2016.

4. Letters From a Stoic

Letters from a Stoic
c. 65 AD

” Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful

Seneca (Letters from a Stoic)

This is the only philosophical book i have ever read. And ever after i’m carrying this as a handbook for daily life. The book is a collection of 124 letters, often begin with an observation of daily life. Even though it was published on c. 65 AD it doesn’t make the book any hard to read.

So these are the 4 books that changed my life or changed my perspective on life. I hope some of these books are connected to many of you. I would love to know which are the books that has some influence on your life as well.

Thank you!

My 100 Days YouTube Challenge

Hello there! This is the first post in my blog. In this post i want to share the details about a challenge that i’m working on through my YouTube channel.

It’s been a while that i am waiting and searching for a niche to concentrate on and to make contents around. But it never happened. I always wanted to make useful videos and share with the world. But i had no idea what it should be about.

At last, after an year of searching i found an answer to my question. No, the answer is not that i got the niche i was looking for. I still don’t know what to write about or make videos about. I’m still confused.

So what i meant when i said i got the answer for my question ?

My answer is that i’m done with waiting for my niche to come to me. Instead i started making videos. Yes! I just started making videos. Simple as that.

So the question is about what topic i’m making videos ? And the answer is ‘i don’t know’. But i am committed to post one new video to my YouTube channel every single day.

While i am writing this post, i’m already on my 14th day of video making. I will post a screenshot from my YouTube channel down here.

My YouTube Channel

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zbiiOfHhI48IboXG9Kvng/videos?view_as=subscriber

As you can see in the screenshot, i have already posted 14 videos to my channel and currently working on my 15th video. I am honestly not caring about number of subscribers or the amount of views that i am generating through my videos. I am simply just making videos. I am no more worried about the type of content that i am putting out because my goal is not to generate subscribers but to find a topic to concentrate on. Even though i had doubts and worries while starting, now i’m 100% sure that by the end of the challenge i will find my way.

I got the inspiration and the idea of this challenge from YouTube itself. I randomly watched a video of this guy Roberto Blake and he was telling the viewers to make 100 crappy videos. Those words he said changed my whole perspective of making videos and creating useful contents for the world. Now i’m a big fan and follower of Roberto

So down here is the link to the video that i’m talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnUBaQ1Sp_E

And here is the link to Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/robertoblake2

Thank you!!